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Poet's Spine

written by: Sameer Goel (iammusaafiir)


All the pains combine...

Verses, syllables conjoin...

Forming a poet's spine...

Sameer Goel (iammusaafiir)

Sameer Goel (iammusaafiir)

Sameer Goel, a seasoned teacher and a writer, a human rights activist, a journalist and a respected writer with a pen-name @iammusaafiir. He holds the position of Educational Director, Delhi NCR, at World Aid Organization for Human Rights and also acting as a PRO, Delhi NCR with All Indian Repoerters' Association. His passion for writing can be seen with his active participation in a number of anthologies, that include Ishq-e-Watan, Clipped Wings Grow, Letters to self, #metoo, Ala Rasi, Unheard Words of Soul, Miseries of The World, Clipped Wings Glow, Color My Dreams. Ginger Hues, Dripping Honey, his first book, is a collection of short quotes and epigrams about the experiences and aspirations, we all have from our lives.
Sameer Goel (iammusaafiir)

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