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written by: Madhumita



Not everyone deserves love and affections from me but you,
Of all the places you pass through, my love will safeguard you against anything that is harmful
And all that flow of venom and poison;
Burrowed through and embedded my rosy passions and crimson emotions into your soul,
Deserve they some spirited cheers or an intrepid word, no?
     You create my world of happiness,
       You shower me with endless love,
        You calm me, you get me peace,
Do you, however let my feelings delve deep into your thoughts?
Do you ever wish to treasure all of them?
The pen creates paeans, singing your praise,
The words that I want to express,
at times escape from the corners of my parched lips,
I never will let anyone mix with my love even a single drop of poison,
Surely, so many have tried to without any reason,
But were they allowed to, ever?
But you know, it made its toxicity felt at times,
Slowly, I would suck it all up, silently spitting it out along with my blood,
As the raging fire does, so the venom raced across,
I couldn’t match up to its viciousness first,
Yet, my love laced blood soothed it like a drug,
It was as if the toxin had polluted my lungs and they were burning, they were on fire,
My lungs inhaled deep and smelt you, I felt detoxified, I relaxed myself,
My heart had then jumped like a child so full of love, I cheered back, smiling myself,
Listen! My life I want to entrust to you, I want to feel you within myself,
Everything about you, your love, touch, passions; quietly stealing you away from thyself!!!

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