Possessed by Christmas, a poem by Phyllis P. Colucci at Spillwords.com
Thomas Kinkade

Possessed by Christmas

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



Christmas carols, holly bells
Angels’ breath and blissful spells
Pine cone wreaths and blue spruce trees
Mistletoe and winter’s freeze
Spirit magic, St. Nick’s smile
Chestnuts roasting in old-world style
The air is crisp, the snow is white
Peace in its glory to all’s delight
Heaven whispers from its celestial abode
Emotions heightened, hearts explode
Love rides in on a rolling cloud
Skies open wide, stars twinkle proud
People nestled in fur-lined wear
Strolling arm in arm with enchanted stare
The world possessed by Noel’s magic
Children beaming, life less tragic
Horse-drawn carriages glide through the park
Enchanted lovers snuggle after dark
The light of the moon ignites the snow
Those lovers gleam with the Season’s glow
Morning arrives with sunlit grin
Strangers suddenly become our kin
Delighted animals frolic about
The backyard cat purrs with frozen snout
The snow, the ice the great big chill
Christmas magic – what a thrill !
Deer peek out from behind a tree
The earth is calm, the world is free
Tranquil moments through Christmas season
Charmed hope has met with reason
Holiday lights, store windows aglow
Shoppers bustling; kiddies in tow
Candles flicker in every home
Snowmen are built, snowballs are thrown
Such wondrous joy has settled in
Christmas arrives – an ethereal win!



The magic of Christmas seems to possess adults and children alike with the beauty of the Season. All is good, all is calm, all is bright, all is peaceful. Everyone is touched by the Christmas spirit, and the world becomes family. Merry Christmas and the best of the Season to everyone!

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