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Pouring The Rain

Pouring the Rain

written by: Simona Prilogan



Pouring the rain over the lane
Walking the same path to the train
Of my deep thoughts which all may drive
Blue of the days into the rise.
Keeping the game staying alive.
Smiling with force, letting behind.

Falling the drop over the hope
Washing instead what fears did
Over the skies catching in flies
Doubts wings to rid, yet may forbid
Blinding past eyes shaping the cries.
Yearning my hope, breaking the rope.

My thoughts in dance sparking their glance,
Pouring the rain washing my lane.

Simona Prilogan

Simona Prilogan

SEPTEMBER 2021 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Born in a communism regime, Simona put education and hope at the peak. She is a mother of two, who encourages her sons to dream beyond the limits and to act accordingly with passion. Through her work, Simona is trying to bring love and humanity.
Simona Prilogan

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