Promise Me, poetry written by Bilquis Fatima at

Promise Me

Promise Me

written by: Bilquis Fatima


It took me ages to come out of my cocoon
When splashes of time, left me marooned
With blurred visions and broken wings
Hurts still tender within

Seeing your relentless determination
To fondly nurse my desolation
I place my hands in yours
Though still full of trepidations.

Tell me you won’t hurt
Where all I was hurt
Tell me you won’t leave me
Where all I was left

For Life was black and white I thought
Baffling me, with shades of grey it brought
Faith shattered, courage dismantled.
Yet your promises have lit some candles.

Don’t walk me through the same nook and streets
Don’t let me cross the same desert and sleet
Let your song not reiterate the old song
For this time I don’t want to be wrong.

Now feeble to weigh the pros and cons
Just waiting for the break of dawn.
Hoping that the sunshine doesn’t blind
And the music no longer haunts.

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