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written by: Corey Brockington


Peculiarities of an unstable one, intrigued

A woman to invest interest in the stranger, Who?


Been stabbed as deep as her love could mend, though

Penetrated by steel he was, herself of platinum

Altered the crime, that crows oblige within whom befalls

to grieve on a victim, they feed, But she

Reprieved, reviving him from which her make,

Clotted the scene, bye, shoulder and some,

Sacrifices for his succeeding life, buried

The knife that once, leaped, into throat and stole, Now?


Strangely her heart still converts his past, adorns the steal

That scarred to thicken as she …

He’s fine

Abstract as compounds of her

Element … diverse titanium,

Fortunes of dove,

P   t   7   8


How alive?



Corey Brockington

Corey Brockington

Corey Brockington begins telling lyrical stories as a songwriter from New York. He becomes survivor of tragedies, lover of change, and poetic storywriter. The Walt Whitman Birthplace Association and HSBC award his poetry anthology while he attends college in search for inner voice. At twenty-nine years old, Corey’s poetic tales transcend his lyrical rhythms into words painted. Subsequently, also know as Brock, he was published in a reflexive collection entitled Yearnings, and is currently orchestrating his first novel. Parallelistic Inker compiles of present and past during his daily commute, whereas he transcribes multi-person viewpoints, nearby shores and skyscrapers for contrast.
Corey Brockington

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