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Queen Cordelia’s Lament

Queen Cordelia’s Lament

written by: LadyLily



I silently slumber beneath tired air
as sounds of sourness mediate rhythms
to my shattered heart.
Our rainbow’s edge pierced,
I fell to sodden earth.

An earthbound path I tread alone
as my budding womb stays silent.
For I will roam a thousand lifetimes for thee,
and a hundred swallows will swoop
through fingers of moonlight.
I will wait till sounds of sweetness cradle sunset’s bow.

My love reaps pastels fair,
where a turian-blue veil slips over
my chiffon gown…
I sigh my last breath.

Mirrored stars shone, upon our naked bodies
until that last kiss melted a copper dawn
and my breasts of milky-white blossoms bittered with time.
I will not dispute with Death.

You closed your eyes beneath a Nightingale’s grace,
as infant Iris’s inhaled first breath.
Alone, I sit by the honey-combed river…
A Rosary of Lilies smile,
Shafted slants of light transport my body…
Halfway to reunite
with thee once again.

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