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Question of This Day

written by: Anthony Henderson


I received a message and a friend asked “why does love hurt so bad?”
I searched inside and tried to find the truest words to explain
She wanted to know because something she wants is now so very sad
I stated love does not know the difference between joy and pain

We cry for happiness and joy but cry also when we have sadness
Love sits and waits patiently for someone to decide its fate
Driven by changing emotion of sanity and of pure madness
Never know which one to choose as its part or full time mate

Listen to the way love comes to a life and its initial calling
It sneaks in without warning but we feel it coming on
And how does love go entering into a life…it is with falling
And when it leaves we never truly hope it is really gone

For my friend I wish the moments where love outweighs all tears
Not just for some moments but the ones in so many future years
May you find love's indifference and show it your own special way
I can only hope in my heart I answered my friend's question this day

Anthony Henderson

Anthony Henderson

My name is Anthony Henderson. My writing pieces may have a different styles and methods. I have written other songs and works under the pseudo "AHDpoet" and my true name. I believe writing allows freedom from inside and lets us look back to see where we have been and where we can go..
Anthony Henderson

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