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Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain

written by: Godwin Oyewole


From the north swung
Dry, wild
To the market feet,

Children fled
Playground dead
Rolling bowls
Dusty sand
Tempest rise,

Women flung,
Babies clung
Aback sweating

Clothes lost,
Loose, weak
Enough to display
Jagged breast.

Heads, feet
Even birds
Way home.

But we
Street kids
Enjoy rain
In merciful
Cruelty and
Pure bliss.

Godwin Oyewole

Godwin Oyewole

Godwin Oyewole is presently an English language and literary studies student in the University of Ibadan. He hails from the western part of the country, Oyo state precisely. He has been represented in some anthologies like "Of what use is a cry" and his work has been published on platforms like WordPress. He writes solely for a change, both in the emotional and societal sphere of human existence, at the same, he is a lover of nature and African poetry. His favorite African poets include: Kwesi Brew, J.P Clark, Birago Diop, Dennis Brutus, Wole Soyinka and others. His obsession for poetry makes other genre of literature look like a second choice.
Godwin Oyewole

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