Rain Strings, poetry written by Mickey Mason at Spillwords.com
Max Muselmann

Rain Strings

Rain Strings

written by: Mickey Mason


i’ve never felt this way about anyone
you’re the one
of this i’m sure

i used to love that song
it was nice
but it’s old now
old on my face when i hear it repeated
in the car
at the bar
by the big bright star that gets to falling

because they never really get to singing it like you did
because when they get to singing it
all it really is
is an impression
a lousy sham

the deepest scar known to man
is not made
by some fine
professionally crafted edge
sharper than sharpest of sharps

the deepest scar known to man

is made by that unique half-smile you did a split second before revealing a vulgar, disgusting joke

beside that questionably demonic laugh you did when i tripped down the basement stairs i was dancing on to make the kiddo laugh

the deepest scar known to man
is the 40 billion and two happy memories
your eighty four ninety seven billion left over strings
still tethered to my world
and made known
as i reach, then put back, those nasty cookies you used to like at Mark’s deli
at the red light
when i see that funny guy on the corner
excitedly turn to share our inside joke
see your empty seat
feel my face melt onto the floor
quick as this ice-cream cone in my hand
as i stare into space
searching for our star on this summer night
trying to convince myself it winked at me
so i can pretend
so i can maybe taste the flavor of this ice-cream for the first time in twenty years

the deepest scar known to man
if we’re honest
never really gets to the point of becoming a scar

does it

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