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written by: Ibrahim “dreezy” Idris


Rainbows share our story
As we fell inches from glory
Hoping to rewrite history
On a levelled ground
Trying to reconnect
With the love we found
But our past seems meaningless
As we glare over the horizons
Witnessing richness
At its proximity
As a deep spectra emanates
Standing for our feelings
So they predominate
Our state of mind
As rainbows continue
Coloring our skies

Rainbows witness our weakness
Usually on a stormy weekend
When we lose our conscience
Licking bodies without sense
Having endless sex
But living a life of pretense
After a one night stand
With countless chants
We look for stranger things
And said it was the beginning
Of living that dream
As we walked separate lanes
Down the heavy rain

Rainbows reflect our pain
In seven different shades
Reincarnating our destiny
As a duplicate
For a better offing
But honesty turns travesty
As we lose that sincerity
We built as one entity
Compromising our loyalty
For life’s promising deceit
Rainbow has shown us
We have more to achieve
A beacon of hope
Piercing clouds
Bent to ground
Proving that every storm
One day shuts out.

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