Reaching For The Stars, a poem by Brandi Livingston at

Reaching For The Stars

Reaching For The Stars

written by: Brandi Livingston


This is for a man who never leaves my soul. I reach for the stars again. I miss him everyday and even more right now.


Reaching For The Stars
I hear your voice once more.
Saying you love me.
Easing away my pain.
I hear your laughter after a joke.
Just to see my smile again.

Reaching for the stars again.
Just want to hear your voice again.
Just to see your eyes again.
Just to have you hold me once more.
I long to be near you again.

I am alone in this hateful place.
Facing these monsters daily and reality of them.
Even my family has turned their backs to me.
All alone again, without you.

Wiping away more than thousand tears, I am.
My heart is breaking yet again.
My soul is crying out to you.
I was a fool to love again.
I just want you and me again.

I just want to see you smile again.
Saying you love me, the words I long to hear.
Holding me close to your chest, so I can hear your heart beat.
To make love under the stars.
To taste your kiss on my lips.
Just you and me again.

My world is upside down.
Everything in state of chaos.
Running into the corner of my mind.
Drowning out the clutter.
Confusion seeping into my body.
Unbearable pain strikes me down.
I am trying to reach for the stars.

Hear my cries tonite.
Hold me in my dreams.
Wipe away my tears of sorrow.
Just to see me smile again.
I reach for the stars tonite.

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