Realms Of Fantasy And The Ultimate Reality, written by Sravani Singampalli at

Realms Of Fantasy And The Ultimate Reality

Realms Of Fantasy And The Ultimate Reality

written by: Sravani Singampalli



The day you entered into my life
I became the bird of paradise
Your love made me euphoric
Made me lose my marbles
Even the water tasted like wine
I could see you in everything
You became my realm
But the reality is
We are not destined to be together
And you would never come back!

Sometimes words seem so magnificent
Make my soul dance like a butterfly
Crown my life with charming daisies
Those rhapsodies of praise
Make me as vast as the sky
But the reality is
Words can also kill us
Molest our soul, our mind
Stab our soul with
Sweltering and sharp emotion!

There is music in the dancing river
There is rapture in the shimmering woods
Even the trees sing their own songs!
During the enchanting spring
During the melancholic autumn
But the reality is
They can be heard
Only through a poet’s heart!

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