Reasons To Die written by Vansika Pareek at

Reasons To Die

Reasons To Die

written by: Vansika Pareek



With this concluding point in my diary,
which is yet not the end, I traverse on a century on
reasons to die but not one to live,
as if I am the only child carrying this curse;
of heartbreaks, loss and disdain.

I am still an amateur soul for I looked at my heart
to erase my whole,

how many more reasons would I blame,
when the stomach and other parts would join this frame?

Did I not see that naked child
who does not long clothes or rain
but just a bread to soothe his pain?

Did I not see that man
who does not long a leg or a chair
but just shoes to repair?

Did I not see that girl
who does not long a house or a shade
but just a brush to paint?

Did I not see myself
who does not need reasons to smile
but just enough pain to realize that there is
someone walking over mine yet
she is fine?

Vansika Pareek

Vansika Pareek

I hail from the land of ‘artistic and cultural traditions’; Jaipur (Rajasthan, India) and have a deep affection for creativity. This justifies my craving to introspect personalities as every individual is a different art. Presently, I am pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science from NIT Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh, India). Realization is sudden and ever. I feel people inside me long to speak from an introvert persona and hence my love for poetry. With every single piece, I would try to give voice to their raging thoughts and innocent apprehension of Shakespeare’s theater.
Vansika Pareek

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