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Reawakening The Feminine

Reawakening the Feminine

written by: Sheila Henry



When women cry blood
with eyes opened wide
and veins iced up
they are on the path to awakening
the beginning of a movement
joined together to build strength
to fight what looms against them
they are so tired of being
on the wrong side of decisions
with no regard from sons birthed.

A change is needed

As thousands of raised voices
roar to drown out oppression
of a generational effort
to come out from under
thousands of cries fill the air
with rage filled eyes and fatigued hearts
they continue to march for equality and rights.

Enough is enough

Who dares deny them change
let them show their faces
and vote them to banishment
while chanting in raised voices
“It’s my body it’s my choice”

A cry for women’s rights

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