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Rebellion That Ought To Be

Rebellion that ought to be

written by: Rakind Kaur



Drugged abused persecuted

shamed humiliated murdered

stripped of identity, ideology, philosophy

left naked burning under the sun

and yet, there was no rebellion

and yet, there is no rebellion

Someone will do something

like a fire cracker hope flew

with a bang destroyed itself

and so deaf we are

no one even flinched

so blind

that no one blinked

the times will change

the tides come and go

everything will be ok

we can only hope

but no one is hoping

no one believes

depression you can call it

but it is suppression indeed

and to those like me

who shout the truth

they’ve labelled stupid idealist

and walked onto coals barefoot

so we who cared

fell into a silent deliberation

preparing for the war

that’s society’s only creation

and now they tell us

why don’t you speak?

But I ask you

O’ deaf ones

why would we indeed?

we tried evoking

we tried provoking

we’ve tried explaining

we’ve tried proving

and yet, you chose not to rebel

and yet, you choose not to rebel

so we’ve fallen silent

to rebel against

all that you expect of us few.



This poem is born of the frustration of what is expected of the creative and honest humans while both traits are not appreciated in any one by our present society.

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