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Red House

written by: Todd Humes


Windshield time on highway 86.
The artery, dark as coal
sleek and silky.
The reflectors
the yellows, whites
The dotted stripes.
A hypnotic ambush of flurries.
Frosted rails
a faint taste of chimney, chill and chili.
Nature’s giants stalking; a ghostly gloom sails.
An emerald sign emerges.
The BOLD haunting print; Red House.
Oh, the Red House.

A cracked window of amnesia.
Mighty and slender towers the 6th.
The robust eyes defending storms.
A fraudulent display from what’s within.

The steep staircase stained by the devil.
The blacks, blues
blotches of red.
Crackles from the burner
a melody of betrayal.
Cubes of haunted secrets.

Shattered dreams, battered souls.
Molded defiance.
The guilty guardians.
Oh, the Red House.

Todd Humes

Todd Humes

Todd Humes was born in the heart of Lake Erie where he grew up being a top martial arts competitor. Through the years of competing and teaching, the arts helped him become artistic in other avenues, words. The words are from his experience with martial arts and life experiences. Poetry is a passion and an expression of care and concern through every word.
Todd Humes

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