Red Ink Isn't Dry written by Khalid Belkhalfi at

Red Ink Isn’t Dry

Red Ink Isn’t Dry

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi


I want to turn the page,
but my red ink isn’t dry ..
It is my story, my rage
A fight under a gray sky ..

My words keep on bleeding
but can’t find a listening ear ..
My hopes are still seeding
in my lonely heart full of fear ..

Many pages are just stains
of teardrops and of every cry ..
I wanna break off of these chains
My soul wants to fly high ..

The world is a mystic place,
home of hate and cupidity ..
Peace is losing every race
against hate and stupidity ..

My day is fearing darkness
I can’t see the colors of light ..
Love has become loneliness
My friend is a dark night ..

I’m losing my heart beat
I’m waiting for my time ..
I can’t withstand the heat
I can’t pay for no crime ..

Page after page I’m still begging,
Asking my running pen to stop ..
He’s sucking my blood while writing
But it won’t stop till the last drop ..

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