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Reflecting Glass

Reflecting Glass

written by: Tessa Weitemeier



You’re a broken piece of glass
Reflecting mistakes from the past
Carrying on like you do
But are you really you?

Are you yourself or are you just a version of you that’s yours?

With pieces glued together in a way
Because you couldn’t take the fray
For you backed down
From being your own

Did you give up or did someone give you up?

Shattering into a thousand splinters
Each and every winter
Every time the past becomes present
Your memories become unpleasant

Are the mistakes yours or did someone do you wrong?

You believed what they said
All these things that misled
The words that hurt
For so long until you burst

Is this a new chance to rearrange your glass?

Your pieces of glass are reflecting
And they are truly affecting
Little do they know
You are

Tessa Weitemeier

Tessa Weitemeier

Tessa Weitemeier was born on 22th of February 2000 in Germany. She studied journalism and is a certified screenwriter. She made her debut in 2018 with the novel “Einsame Gemeinsamkeit (Oder: Der Ninja, der durchs Fenster kam)”, followed by “Liquid Heartbeats” (2020), “Es regnet in Manglerud” (2021) and “Hausnummer 22 – Unter jedem Dach ist es krass” (2022). The English edition of "Es regnet in Manglerud" was also published in 2022 titled"Rain Is Rain in Manglerud". Apart from writing novels she's been writing short stories for musicians just like Sondre Lerche and Filip Clements.
Tessa Weitemeier

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