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Reflections in My Beer

Reflections in My Beer

written by: Jake Cosmos Aller



I sit staring at my beer
Listening to music
Wanting what I cannot have

Desiring what I should not
Dreaming dreams I dare not

As I stare into my reflection
Floating in the glass of beer

I see an old man
Staring out at me
Bemoaning his lost youth

And wanting it over again
As I drink the beer
Trying to forget

Hoping to forget
All that I loved
And that had loved me

The past does not forget
And my past loves
Stare out at me

From deep within the beer
Reflections of my past love

And I sit and watch
And cry asleep

Just another man
Crying in his lonely beer
As the night wears on

And the images
Continue to float
Across the beer

At last home alone
With my dismal thoughts

Memories of what might have been
And memories of what may yet be
Continue to dance in my head

As I toss and turn
Trying to dispel these thoughts of mine
That haunts my beer and my dreams

Men drink to forget
Men drink because
They have so many regrets

Regrets, I have so many
Dreams I have so many
And loves, I have had so few

And I wish I could forget
But I can not
I can not

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