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Charles Etoroma



the beginning from the end

written by: Leonard Ifeanyi Ugwu, Jr.



Let us judge the beginning from the end
The beginning of one is the end of another
The whispering tree told me, whispering from nowhere.

Tomorrow is a repetition of yesterday
We have tried to catch its wind
But it expelled into our nostrils
A dynamic mystery

Tomorrow is a title crowned by man
And the sun that refuses to fall to the ground.
We are carried by the flood of life’s ode
And the spirit man echoing from home.

I know there is a home
But it’s not the final abode
In this place a treasure is found
So that the beast that lay within may live like a man

The man that recalls history
Stops yesterday from sending emissaries
Death is a fiend
Adamant; It has come to stay

I hear whispers from everywhere
They comes without order
When one begins another comes to an end.



No season/weather comes at the same time
And together at once.
The end of one is the beginning of another.

The chattering birds told me, singing rhythmic songs that never fade.
Flapping their wings from seas to trees
The vision of blind birds
Is brighter than the visionary man.

Don’t call me again!
I have lost it. Lost my senses. Lost my sight and I have nothing to behold
Nothing but the muse that reincarnates inside this ink.
Depressed but forgiven.

Arise! We shall not be stoned like Stephen
Whose beauty got heaven’s link
We are here to erupt and not fold
For if I gain nothing, I will return again.

O! Holy man
That named all creatures even the birds
O! Powerful three in one please
We are only ignorant, claiming we have all things made.

The end of one is the beginning of another
Which is possible
Because together at once
No season or weather will come at same time.

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