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Relationship Advice – Let’s Try It and See

Relationship Advice

Let’s Try It and See

written by: Mike Ricketts


“Let’s try it,” I said.
“What? You go out with me?”
“Yes, let’s try and see.
I have nothing to lose, for me.
We can go for a walk
and have a talk.
We can talk about the weather,
as we walk together.
Let’s try it and see.”
“Look, you’re not seeing anyone, is that true?
I have a chat with a few people, but not you?
Look, let’s take step by step and see how we grow.
If there is nothing working, at least we will give it a go.
We could talk about life and how we would like it to be,
Whether we like pollution with plastic in the sea.
Whether people should be rewarded for working hard,
Or should people be ignored or greeted with a card.
We could even see the points on which we agree,
Let’s try it and see.”
“When taking this on, starting as acquaintances or friends,
You can never tell where this experiment may end.
Let’s try it and see.
Look, I’m no prince charming, but maybe I should not say,
As it is not for me to say, it is for you to judge in your own particular way.
But I follow certain rules I try to do to thee,
as they would do unto me.
I don’t want to press on you things you are not making you happy,
But equally, I am prepared to face up to anything life that’s scrappy.
We’ll get along fine but may hit a point
Where the relationship will stay and go may go out of joint.
There is nothing to lose as we will be good conversational friends
Who share a whole load in common from beginning to end.
So there is nothing to lose, no high stakes at risk,
Who knows the very least is a nice friendly kiss.
The very worst is we will be good friends,
And the cream on the top would be something with romantic ends.
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s not jump the gun,
Going through all the bases, neither of us could be the one.
If we are both not disheartened whichever way things go,
I will enjoy the time we spend just getting to know.
Let’s try it and see, there is nothing to lose.
Somethings work together in nothing but twos.
Just think of you and think of me,
What a difference to the world there could be.
Let’s try it and see.”

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