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Relationship Fractals

written by: HR



time squandered
hours days’ eons
wasted waiting
for shadows
that materialize
briefly then
disappear like
smoke in the
wind snowflakes
on a fire

nice sounding
words spoken
for the sound
they make the
impressions they
leave with no
lasting image
affect, or deeper
meaning forgotten
when queried

believe the sound
it’s what you
want to hear
you made it
fit your love
images and needs
it soothes
as it leads
you to the
depths of despair

redemption comes
after resolve
when your blood
is drained and
there is no
where to go
but sit
understand you
got there
by choice
and by choice
you will
redeem your self



Retired university professor quietly tending my garden and a herd of feral cats.
My poetry has been published in Voces de la Luna, The San Antonio Express-News, and two annual anthologies Quirk, and Borderless.

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