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written by: hedgehog


The quiet of the theatre, dark, silent, magic
Two sit in the stalls saying nothing
Lost in time like a couple in a fairy tale
Distant sounds seemed to echo mysteriously
Curtains rustling, ghostly beings gently move
Gliding silently performing yesterday’s plays
In the seats left and right watching
Are shadow like phantom beings
Fixatedly following the ghosts on the stage
Time has flown like an arrow for the couple

Holding each other closely in a long silent embrace
“Do you remember when we sat so silently”, she asks him
“Before the lights came up and we had to leave
Walking hand in hand, laughing together
Full of love and devotion to greet the night


More and more people are being diagnosed with dementia and as I grow older I find that so many friends I have grown up with are suffering with dementia. My friend Jack was one of those, he loved nothing more than performing in Amateur Dramatics and attending the theatre as often as he could. I wrote this poem “Remember?” in memory of Jack and his wife Marian, who were such a devoted loving couple.

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