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written by: TM DiSarro



There was nothing left to say that had not already been said
You could hardly raise an eyebrow let alone could raise the dead
It was just a futile effort manifest from your desire
That you’d somehow be the match head that would surely start a fire
So you wasted all your time what was left of life to live
And in retrospect the love you saved was never meant to give
It’s nonsensical to think that you would ever be the one
Who became the missing link to all the hurt that had been done
It was not a line to cross but you were never one who fears
Or a ring that you could toss to win a bucket full of tears
It was just a little lie that brought attention to your case
Left me tripping on my words as I was covering my face
What a shame I could not hide my head in so much crystal sand
All I have is a reminder when I look at my left hand

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