Repeating Cycle, poetry by Oladosu Michael Emerald at
Wesley Pacifico

Repeating Cycle

Repeating Cycle

written by: Oladosu Michael Emerald



Life is like grains of sand,
Slipping through fingers.
New book with primitive pages,
Battered and tattered in the life cycle.

Cycle and death remain,
But we’ll go get different life spans
Various experiences,
Earth keeps turning; we get day and night.

One generation passes away; another comes.
There are protocols in order to live.
We sleep, we wake.
Except we have an accident or die.

Man changes things by his actions,
How he survives,
The changing of his climate.

Man fades away like a whirling dust,
Nature’s gifts also do.
But mother earth abides forever.

“See this is new?”
It has been already.
Nothing is strange nor recently made.

Cycle changes
Earth turns,
Sun rises and sets;

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