Rocks & Hopes, poetry written by H.M. Gautsch at

Rocks & Hopes

Rocks & Hopes

written by: H.M. Gautsch



Healing, recovery, frustrating
a broken record repeating
haunting, annoying, pressuring me
overthinking the pain,
a cycle in my mind, everlasting
until I confess what I’ve denied
I strip down my brain,
fry those deceits and lies
from the exhausted voice
that once was loud,
and forgiving for the memories
that once tormented me and my dreams
organic habits becoming the very cloud
of silencing my cries and screams

inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…
…blow that smoke

no more necessities of hiding
behind a forged cloak
the natural herb slows down
the hyper-active nerves
and calms the mind until confidence returns
and I can re-evaluate my past and time,
word for word
to get me out of the very pinch of doubt
the very tools to calm my individual storms
ten years of instability progression verses
two decades of being trapped in
various diagnosis’, medications,
mental and emotional abuses, and treatments
uneducated accusations that imprisoned me
still a work in progress,
a beautiful mess undeniably
flawed to the bones, weathered from the wars
while the plagued demons residing within
for well over one and a half scores

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