Roots and Wings, poetry written by Sidonamarie at
Annie Spratt

Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings

written by: sidonamarie



The roots of my soul
Burrow deep

The storm winds
Push and pull

My roots dig and grasp
Fed on the spirit in my soul

When my roots release
Allowing the winds
To seemingly win,
My wings spread,
My shyness shed
Revealing the dragon
I have always been –
Not a fragile winged butterfly

Then against
The hurricane’s currents
And head winds
I will fly

For this apocalyptic future
Is and always has been a lie



I have written poetry since 1977. I am a teacher first and poet second. In 1983, I graduated from Western Michigan University with a BA in English with an emphasis in elementary education. I taught for a few years and life happened. I needed to stay home to care for my son with asthma and some immune system issues. In 2003, I became a teachers aide and did that for 12 years. Now I am substitute teaching in that same elementary school. My children are grown. My son is a farmer/poet. My daughter is a classical saxophonist and working toward a degree in music performance and education.

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