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Run Infant Woman Run

run infant woman run

written by: Rochelle Foles



run infant woman
run as fast as you can in any direction that seems




run till you threaten to drop dead


just drop


   skinned needs, skinned knees,
                    runs inyournewtights
                    heels of your palmsbleeding
fromwhere you s k I d   along the unforgiving asphalt
that had been lying in wait for your stumble
hungry for your blood
hungry for your self

effacement to bring you
back to this place
               so well known

-when you- smart actualized near woman you-
and stumble



the asphalt only wins
you continue to wear that same pair of tights


(no matter how many times you stumble the thing that matters most is that you land softer)

Rochelle Foles

Rochelle Foles

Rochelle began writing at the age of twelve. Encouraged by her local librarian, she cut her poetic teeth on ee cummings, T.S. Eliot, Walt Whitman and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, all of whom continue to influence her writing today.

She is a logophile and her playful attitude towards words can often be seen in her writing through her use of fonts, space, spelling and design.

She considers it a privilege to be read and to be an active contributor to Spillwords.
Rochelle Foles

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