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S & M

S & M 

written by: Rich



Back in the decade of swing and you may never heard of him
There was a man named Dr Guttmann best known as ‘Poppa’ The diminutive German
In the same era fuelled by celebrity fever there came a keen runner snow haired fund-raiser
A contradiction in terms
We opened a can of worms

The Paralysed walk
The brain-damaged talk
A double life
Causing trouble and strife
A worker of spines
Changing lives
A smoker of cigars
Leaving permanent scars
At the top of his game
Taking away pain
On Top of The Pops
With his shaggy white mop

Worship the ground he walks on water
Stalking the grounds under the guise of porter

For one man an Olympic dream
Another full of thoughts obscene

Neuro Physicist
Paedo Fantasist
Spinal Scientist
Sado Masochist

One commemorated a memorial of stone
Other memories chilled to the bone

We all know the place it is World renowned
When we hear of it now it brings a frown …
Like Ripper Jack Count Drac’
But let’s look forward not back
Forget Bram Stoker’s man devil
And be proud of your Stoke Mandeville.



I haven’t felt the need to name the other person in question here as the bad element as he is already notoriously famous.



I do the London 'Open mic' circuit having been writing for three years. I like to confront serious themes and try to explore reasons behind certain happenings.

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