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Sail On...

written by: Dr. Saumya Goyal


The night may be dark, as black as a raven
But now is not the time for you to cave in
The waves may be rough, making you lose balance
But behind that storm is a breeze of nonchalance
The dark clouds today are going to pour heavy
But remember a while back, you constructed that levee
So, don’t pause; sail on, sail on, sail on…

Today might be heavy, a weight, a burden
But every challenge, remember, has a guerdon
The road may be thorny, slippery, even rough
But for every such test I know you’re tough
The goal may be far-off, outlying and distant
But your shot at it must be persistent
So, don’t pause; sail on, sail on, sail on…

The body may be weak, fragile, breaking apart,
But your soul is your power, and so is your heart
You may have lost all, your materialistic treasures
But hope is the only possession one needs to measure
Shattering is not an option, you’re not made of glass
You have to have faith, cause this too shall pass
So, don’t pause; sail on, sail on, sail on…

Dr. Saumya Goyal

Dr. Saumya Goyal

Saumya is a mental health evangelist who focuses on the importance of emotional wellness across generations and genders. Her love for poetry has been lifelong and she has been weaving her thoughts as poems for as long as she can remember. Saumya lives in Hyderabad, India along with her husband, Amol and two children, Prisha and Shaurya. Unhustle is her first book, which is a book of poetry.
Dr. Saumya Goyal

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