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Sand Man

written by: J C Thomas



The perfect place to paddle, Fairy Stream.

Shallow, barely ankle-deep.

Soft red sand beneath your feet.

Deeper in places where it swells in eddies.


A red giant sleeps next to Fairy Stream.

You can walk on his back and feel his skin move.

He is like a lizard, basking in the heat.


If you try to walk on his back in the afternoon it is impossible.

You'll burn your toes.

He conserves his warmth for the long cold nights.


Once I thought I heard him shiver on the beach together with the swaying coconut trees.

J C Thomas

J C Thomas

Jenny Thomas grew up on the edge of the Exmoor National Park in West Somerset, where the power of the elements shaped her imagination and formed her understanding of the importance of the natural world. Her debut novel, Awakening Worlds, is an ecology-themed fantasy epic about the destiny of life on Earth.

She explores elements of the 'real' alongside the spiritual, magical, and the psychological. She writes about the cosmos, ecology, nature, life, death and rebirth; its beauty, pain and the blurred lines between extremes.

Jenny graduated in English Literature from the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK, and spent her second year on an academic exchange to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

During her travels, Jenny led a creative writing and drama workshop as a volunteer teacher in Thailand and she has worked as a teaching assistant in an Aboriginal Community School in the Kimberley, Australia.
J C Thomas

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