Saturday Library Visit, 1977, a poem by Alyson Faye at
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Saturday Library Visit, 1977

Saturday Library Visit, 1977

written by: Alyson Faye



Tripping over my skipping feet,
I race up the winding staircase
to the room, where me
and my dreams meet.

There lined up, all on loan,
are the foxed, the dog-eared,
and the never borrowed tome.

Along the paper rainbow spines,
I make my fingertip search.
Here lies my true heart’s home.
This is my real church.

I touch trace the dust covers,
gently smell the ink’s black print.
I stroke the lonely shoulders
of the ones who are not borrowed.

It is a reunion, every Saturday
to be relished and recorded.
A treasure trove to be looted,
memories made and then hoarded.

Alyson Faye

Alyson Faye

Alyson lives in West Yorkshire, UK with her husband, teen son and four rescue animals. Her fiction has been published widely in print anthologies, most recently in the NHS charity anthology, Diabolica Britannica and Trickster's Treats 4 from Things in the Well, and most often online at the Horror Tree site, where she also reviews books and writes articles on horror films. Last year Demain published Night of the Rider SSS18 and Maggie of my Heart, a 1940's set crime novella. Her work has been read on BBC Radio, local radio, on several podcasts (Ladies of Horror), and placed in competitions. She swims, sings and is often to be found roaming the moor with her Lab cross, Roxy, in all weathers dreaming of sunnier climes.
Alyson Faye

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