Saving John, a poem written by Ka Barredo at

Saving John

Saving John

written by: Ka Barredo


This miserable woman in a shade of gray
Hiding herself in a smile only she could wear
Rotting with a hideous life within her
Oh, must she seek for a soul that saves.

With an abundance of love here he comes
Pouring all sweet regimens to her wounds
Sacrifices all bestowed with pure intentions
Oh, let him who has a heart reigns.

After all the affections she dearly received
Her thoughts and feelings remain as what they should be
Truths that cannot be forgotten
Oh, solitary it is, that she lived to desire.

The man was stabbed with painful burdens
Tamed and caged in his ark understanding
Betrayed by his hopes and fate
Oh, must he seek for a soul that saves.

As deep as the water struck her guilt
To put a cessation to something that bleeds
A start of salvation from an awful ending
Oh, she freed the man that is close to his death.

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