Say No More (Dances With Swords), written by Rich at

Say No More (Dances With Swords)

Say No More

(Dances With Swords)

written by: Rich



Is it just me or is it pure fantasy that the fighting must end share this message press send
Change the record the tune
Choose life there’s still room
Say No More Dances With Swords
Go get free jump aboard
Break the mould be bold
fulfill a different role, Model to your peers amidst the sneers the jeers, Yeah others will diss you but they sure ain’t gonna miss you See it’s this jealousy and strife that leads to taking someone’s life
So don’t do wrap, take the time talking crap about crime …
Can’t stop then just mime find an alternative rhyme
Don’t do battle with death
Take a loved ones last breath
Life in the pound now how does that sound
So listen up if you can
Don’t be a fool be a man
Don’t let that door bang
“No More” Cool and the gang



Following New York and America’s stance of “Just Say No” to drugs this poem is trying to give London and England hope.

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