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Scarred Fingers

written by: Alexandria Johnson



five fingers make up a hand,
hold them up, raise them,
slam them with the other five,
a laugh erupts,
a smile spreads,
a ship sails,
four fingers make up a hand,
raise those, clash with the other four,
battle breaks out,
screams echo,
bodies coat grounds,
three fingers make up a hand,
raise those, crash them hard
against the other three,
they miss being five,
rain pours,
empires fall,
power rips
two fingers make up a hand,
raise those, and press them hard
across the other pair,
peace ends,
greed conquers,
last finger disintegrates,
nothing but war is left.

Alexandria Johnson

Alexandria Johnson

Alexandria Johnson is a freelance writer and poet based in Perak, Malaysia. Her work has appeared in The Star in conjunction with International Women's Day, iRiS Magazine #1, The Poet's Haven Digest #4, and she also won a consolation prize in the ASiS Poetry Competition. Currently, Alexandria is working as a freelance copywriter while working on her debut novel and poetry collection. She's most active on Instagram where she documents her writing journey and writes motivational and fantasy poems.
Alexandria Johnson

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