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Scorched Earth Signature

scorched earth signature

written by: Eric Danhoff



i grew up with a knife in the chest

my inheritance is a dull blade

placed well enough

for everything to grow around it

the taste of metal is never far

on good days the blade will twist

and people i love are targets

for the weapon forged in me

skin and blood bitter

my face becomes my maker’s

a hereditary poison

words taste of fire

seeking nearest wood

i’ve got a need to burn

to detonate my good thing going

as quick to anger

as she is joy

i am envious

protective of innocent hearts

bite this itching tongue

swallow the blood

i am used to the taste

to closing doors and eating keys

this “scorched earth signature”

both gift and lesson

Eric Danhoff

Eric Danhoff

Born in Chicago and writing since the age of seven.
Eric Danhoff

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