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written by: theRavensproctor


Father, no guide
Departs kiss on forehead
Looked from sleepy eyes
Father, he called, he prayed
Father, farther away
Told lies of return
Couldn't see him cry
Bred his fear, sold his soul
Out of love
Wondered from absence
If it's even real
Damaged years of feeling
Of family, but made:
Father, love
Covets her soft cheeks
In palms
Forehead at lips, everlasting
Holds her, for moments
As she grows fast
Tells her be human
Because he forgot
Even if life is incapable
of tethering him
He'd love her through death
Visit her in dreams
Sell his soul to be her Charon
Father, guider of voyage
Be father



I'm just someone figuring out my life through pencil marks and pen strokes.

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