Searching him ... written by Orlando Blake at

Searching Him …

Searching him …

written by: Orlando Blake


Words have brightened
To let him know my voice,
Little did he looked at me
To reply my music,
Many times had music
Shrilled the waters
To rise from the river,
Muted ears have
Left years with no sign,
Unable to resist
The silence in him,
Stood before him
For a word to reply,
He had forgotten my face
Memories had left him
With no space to remember,
He still searches
The man in him …

Orlando Blake

Orlando Blake

Orbindu Ganga (Orlando Blake) is an Indian post-graduate in science and the first recipient of Dr Mitra Augustine gold medal for academic excellence. He is the co-founder of an international English Literary Journal - INNSÆI (IJCLPH), certified life coach, spiritual mentor, creator of SOBS, author, poet, editor, content writer, painter, and researcher. He has been the featured poet twice in the November 2019 and July 2020 edition of The Year of Poet VI and VII published by Inner Child Press International Publication (United States of America). His poems have been published in SIPAY Literary Journal (Seychelles), Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry (India), Sahitya Anand (India), Spillwords Press (USA), SETU (USA), OPA, Atunis (Albania), Winamop (UK), The MAG (India) & Poetry of Spring's Embrace (USA). Apart from poetry, he has published short stories, articles, research papers, paintings, and photography.
Orlando Blake

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