Seclusion From Mother Earth, poetry by Chasity Gaines at

Seclusion From Mother Earth

Seclusion From Mother Earth

written by: Chasity Gaines



Forced behind four walls
Enclosed on all sides
Windows shut tight
a few plants yellow and dying

Our self seclusion
from Nature has
Created several generations

struggling with medical
and mental issues
Medicating the numbness
and isolation

Spraying chemicals
for the sake of cleanliness,
deodorizing, and pest control

Eyes red and nose running
breathing in recycled air
no matter it’s filtered

Still more houses erected
land full of trees eradicated
and animals become desecrated

We’ve become our own
Defilers of Self
and Mother Earth

Our medicated souls scream
to mingle with nature, dream,
exchange energies
and freedom

Our bodies crave
clean air,
wide open spaces,
running clean water,
and Nature’s wonderous bounty

Our nomadic spirits
Restless, struggling
to get back to nature
a return to a simpler life

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