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Second Wind

Second Wind

written by: Grace Y. Estevez


To die a bit each passing day,
as ashes drift then fade away.
Colorful hues become pale gray,
a haunting path leads hopes astray.

Choke from the words that scream inside,
suffocates every ounce of pride.
Exposes all her true self hides,
allowing misery to guide.

Gain smiles from all by being fake,
a heart of steel could never break,
yet everyday emotions ache,
knowing her life is a mistake.

Walks to the edge, meets a light flash,
sways side to side as feelings crash,
takes two steps back, old hopes rehash,
sadness and fears thrown in the trash.

Moved far from that hollow old shell,
free from what felt like a cursed spell.
A beaming laugh she carries well,
her sincere stories she now tells.

Grateful to live in her own skin,
each moment helps a mark begin.
Amazed at how perspectives spin,
showing how faith can always win.

Grace Y. Estevez

Grace Y. Estevez

Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy has always had a passion for poetry. While students were paying attention to their teachers, Grace was staring outside the window and writing poetry to describe her emotions. A natural empath with an appreciation for the meaning behind everything, she enjoys imagining what it would be like to walk in the shoes of others. Grace lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with her husband, children, and two dogs.
Grace Y. Estevez

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