Secret or rivalry? at

Secret or rivalry?

Secret or rivalry?

written by: Alyssa Gwen



As I can only write
I envy those
Who are able to turn the illusion
Into pictorial physicality
I am always bewitched
by these stunning art pieces

They are like beautiful woman with a veil
Whisper exotically in your ear
So ready to take your attention away instantly

I can’t resist
But use my pen to seal off my jealousy
And frame their works with my notes

Should the hidden messages be told
To make more people know
I’m not so sure



I often feel painting is like a stunning beauty while writing is more like a homely girl, you need to take time to appreciate.

Since I do not have the painting skill that I long for,
I can only use verses to praise the art pieces I love,
or use words to explain these abstract art work.

Sometimes I still can’t help envy people who can draw,
So I leave this emotion in the poem and answer to readers.

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