Seeing Through Vapors, poetry written by Asceticquill at
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Seeing Through Vapors

Seeing Through Vapors

written by: Asceticquill


I float in a
onyx ember ocean
casting away vigilance,

like pennies in a well
my enemies,

this epitaph
golden from
first breath,

purging infractions
of fabricated
collapsed factions,

pollution penitency
fleece-able crown

risen in the
drowning cryo-chamber
depleting sands of
rainbow gremlins,

vacuum vortex
finality tangos in
Pandora’s twinkle,

an infertile
diamond quince
dangles from
apricot antithesis,

libido conforms
to deep-fried
peridot pockets,

reflecting over
a lotus spectrum
lamenting teal

sleeping with a
pang drum of
never again,

in a desert of
spent whispers
I string along
the constellation
of you,

blooming a mirage
that mocks
my nomadic reverie.

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