Seek Me, poetry by Aurora Kastanias at
Jordan Sanchez

Seek Me

Seek Me

written by: Aurora Kastanias


Let go of me do not hold
me in, exhale, let me ebb,
slowly leave your shore
I will return, in an instant

all your life rest assure
I’ll evanesce, disappear
without much ado, reappear
for your delight, until then

do not shudder at your breath,
let me sidle off your lips
I’ll cleanse you from the toxins
you so fervidly cling onto, hide

masterly within you, I’ll protect you,
always have, from your addictions
pour me out in c o two breathe me in
again in o two, I’ll tickle your bronchioles

pervade your three hundred
million alveoli once more,
drift into capillaries reverse
into red rivers flowing your veins,

from head to toe let me assist
your heart beat, give it rhythm appeasing,
I’ll come with new perfumes,
rejuvenate your essence make sure

you’ll seek for more.

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