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written by: Mario William Vitale


stars fallen stars bright
hit the stage too tight
locked in aroma from above'
like you star below the spy
one ovation
a child eats bacon
love in the direct temptation

buried beneath the fascination
brutal honesty are ye craving
the seed of separation,
Mister Arm Be Toad
in halo its start through leash
upon a wooden swing

through fair the course dream
pages turned
there's a woman undone a new days dawn

through heaven sent a Corvette chimp
piercing page of violence
sought through its timeless
caged return through the given maze
sifted through a papal pew
increase the intensity

Mario William Vitale

Mario William Vitale

Mario William Vitale a published poet being featured writer on Writerscafe.
Having over 1,000 poems toward his platform.
Born in Bristol, Ct he currently lives in Wolcott.
Mario William Vitale

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