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written by: Pat Cantin


Ferociously I am imprisoned and bound to shackles, a mere servant of the wretched.
My freedom exists only to barter my items I keep to myself to ensure happiness around me. If they are happy I have done my job.
I do not receive gratitude nor reward, sometimes that brings me peace. Otherwise, I sit bound by dusk and clouds, drowning myself in tears of malcontent anger. I am furious.
I do not wish to serve, I wish for a nirvana of warmth and embrace.
I have fulfilled my wicked duties to the wretched ursurpers who steal my goods.
My strength is measured by my integrity and those who use my goods with gratitude.
I will resist.
I am not a prisoner to filth.
I am free.

Pat Cantin

Pat Cantin

My name is Patrick, but everyone calls me Pat. I'm a 28 year old communications major from Jacksonville, Florida. Writing has been an absolute release for me for about 10+ years and it's the best way I can be open about myself and my thoughts. Let's share our thoughts together.
Pat Cantin

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