Seventeen Times Seventeen written by huntersJames at

Seventeen Times Seventeen

seventeen times seventeen

written by: huntersjames



Still more work to do

Remembering yesterday

Now with my coffee.

Smelling coffee Breathe

Once again it’s morning dew

Time do it again

One Sonoran spring

jumping rabbits in the sky

coyotes saunter by

Your voice takes me there

Beyond blush of the cliff rose

Where there is no time.

Remember time stopped?

That day together we talked

How a world begins.

Message out to sea

Drifting thoughts to be shared wait

What gift destiny?

Dive into the pool

airborne, gravity, splashes

Kiss your life hello!

Standing much taller

She stared me down, I stood up

To smell a bear’s breath.

Your dark side my light,

Crow floating along sweet breeze

Tonight’s moon shadow.

I recall your name

Like my very first orchid

Tied me up in silk.

Light is crisp and clear

Tonight’s bright before we roll

Say the Perseids.

Ripped out by the roots

Breakout orbit escaping

Endings, beginnings.

Time is a weight pause

Exactly that feeling there

It’s life pushing back,

do you have a gun

does magic? to make it right?

when we shoot our sons?

Where does your smile go?

When you die, in that moment

When your life shatters.

And then you’re nuthin

Just hair, bits of bone, spat out.

Make a nice necklace?

My life is become

A palette of friends I miss.

Tears in my coffee.




done a lot of things,
some more worthwhile than others,
now I'm doin this

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