Shapes and Forms, poetry by Francisco Bravo Cabrera at

Shapes and Forms

Shapes and Forms

written by: Francisco Bravo Cabrera


An arabesque…
A thin sliver of smoke…

The seven veils dissolve,
and then you dance before me,
making black the night,
and making white the rope to hang me…

The road’s a serpent in the moonlight.
A viper cruel that rips,
with blood-stained fangs,
through flesh and bone.
Yet through two mountains I can see it winding,
taking the long way home…

The smoke caresses the nights humid air and kisses her nostalgia.
The arabesques dance on silver stars then descend and hold her hands.
Her form begins to mould to someone’s fancy,
she’ll awaken and feel her weight upon the land…

She’ll awaken…
I’ll be gazing at the starlight…

Moist and full her lips that travel lightly,
approaching soft a memory again,
though I can breathe the perfume red of her soft laughter,
I walk in the icy rain,
until my footsteps reach no farther
than the chains that bind the dead…

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