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Shared Loneliness

written by: DedHedpoet



I tried to share my loneliness
Then found I cherished it
Becoming one of the needy
Like others, I do repel
In your unhappiness
Knowing I couldn't help
With comfort or consolation
Denying yourself even that, tell
Just one lie, I might comfort in
Know my heart, scarred yet true
Believing solace would make us two
O' you shared your loneliness
Then found you cherished it
But with my unhappiness
You were unable to even help.


(C) 2017 Dedhedpoet
Andrea Travis



Dedнedpoeт™ ιѕ Aυтнor Andrea Travιѕ. I aм a ғreelance wrιтer and poeт. I ѕтυdy poeтry and proѕe. I aм cυrrenтly worĸιng on a ғew ιdeaѕ ғor тнeмe вaѕed poeтry collecтιonѕ. My paѕѕιon ιѕ wrιтιng and I lιve тo тoυcн тнe нearтѕ oғ oтнerѕ. I ѕearcн тнe ѕoυl ғor wнaт connecтѕ υѕ all. Wнιcн I вelιeve тo вe wordѕ.

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