She Does Not Want To Cook, a poem by Sonali Lakhera at
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She Does Not Want To Cook

She Does Not Want to Cook

written by: Sonali Lakhera


She does not want to Cook!
She does not want to cook?
Oh, what a crook.
To her-
how could it occur?
And why did it ever?
What will she eat?
And how will she feed?
It is the biggest sin
To her kind and kin.
All are bewildered,
all are amazed,
all are shocked,
and all estranged,
at such a sinful decision.
Could anyone explain?
Why not ask her plain?

She yelled and screamed
“I do not want to cook!
That is it.
It binds me
Just like it did
my mom was docile-
from morning to night.
Tea for all
Green and black,
one with ginger
in tumbler tall.
one with milk
and the other without
but a dash of lime.”

So what, that’s her job
who otherwise would
keep that log?

“Breakfast was a pain.
And lunch was no gain.
The evening rolled
with rolls of bread,
and curries and veggies
for the dinner.
The guests would arrive
at hours odd,
and she was the best
amongst her squad.
She tossed and cooked,
grilled and fried,
baked and steamed,
The delicacies
with delight
And served everyone
with a smile so bright.”

So what, that’s her job
who otherwise would
keep that log?

“She loved to cook
But so did the book
To read and write
was her passion
and indeed, her right.
which she exercised
in the dark of the night.
away from the daytime din.

The hearth held her
from dawn till night,
And never let her go
but bound her tight,
to meals and tea,
lemonade and desserts,
and snacks and treats
and festivals and feasts.
She had the books
she left unread,
words that flowed
were left un-tread.

I will not cook
Not that I hate it;
But It’s my freedom
That is at stake.”

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